Thanks, Shamontiel L. Vaughn!! You are so kind. It was a tough one deciding to write this but I know so many people have bowel problems and don’t want to tell people about it, because it’s embarrassing! We need to get past that mentality to a place where it’s cool to talk about it. It’s like guys being squeamish talking about periods… get over it!

I can’t help cringing for both you and your friend with sickle cell disease. What a shocking way for you to find out! Ouch. I guess if we’re all a bit more up front we can all be a bit more considerate of what people are going through, sometimes without us otherwise having a clue!

Scottish Blogger & Science Graduate helping you navigate life & love. Writer for Curious, Fearless She Wrote, P.S. I Love You & others. Editor of Lighthouse.

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