Are women’s shorts too short or not short enough and can we ever get it right?

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If you ever doubted the existence of a double standard dress code for women compared to men, the European Handball Federation just blew that out of the water.

And the gold medal for standing up for what is right goes to the Norwegian beach handball team who wore — shock, horror — shorts in a game of handball.

The European Handball Federation has fined these women — not for misconduct, not for drug taking, but for refusing to wear bikini bottoms while playing their sport.

This level of control and regulating of women’s bodies needs to end now. Look at…

What the actual heck is the point of this tit-for-tat garbage?

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I just read the most shameless piece of written garbage I have ever had the misfortune to click on.

A guy wrote an article suggesting that a woman had no right to complain about being shamed for her large boobs because in his opinion they are things of wonder and she should be grateful for them.

I’m paraphrasing slightly, but that is the gist of it.

I could pretty much tell what the piece was about from the facetious and fatuous wording of the title — “My Boobs Are Just Too Big, Firm and Delicious: What ever will I do?”

The sisterhood should be a non-judgmental safe haven of support.

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Trigger warning: contains themes of sexual assault and misogyny.

Lately, I have been hearing a lot of stories of my sister writers being targeted by other women who want to criticize, belittle and attack them for saying or doing the “wrong” things.

While you might have an opposing view to someone, you do not need to go all hyena on their gazelle. You can express an opinion, even a critical one without being unkind.

There are a few important reasons why we should be building one another up and thinking twice before criticizing any sister’s writing or challenging their views.

We’re all in danger of internalizing misogyny

Messy matriarch, dater of disastrous men, writer of provocative prose.

On holiday in Amsterdam for my 47th birthday, with my 29-year-old boyfriend behind the camera.

Sounds like there’s a story in that photo caption… There’s a story behind most of my bad dating decisions, so it’s a good thing I’ve made lots of them!!

Writing about relationships is a bit vulnerable and raw but I’ve also had some fun exploring my reasons for staying single. I’m rather partial to a feminist rant or two and that’s not always compatible with meeting new men without scaring them off.

Who am I?

Everywhere I go I seem to have a lot of doppelgängers. People are always telling me I look like someone they know. I’ve actually had someone argue with…

Some of them just can’t handle the truth.

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You know those times when you tell friends about the sexist behaviour you’ve experienced?

If your friends are women, they will probably nod sympathetically or roll their eyes in that “tell me about it” way. Men will be shocked and appalled but they will commonly phrase their reaction as, “I find it hard to believe anyone behaves like that.”

You hear their sympathy, but listen to what is really being expressed with that response: disbelief.

As a woman, I have been experiencing sexism since before I even understood what it was.

When we weren’t allowed to wear pants at school…

It’s hard to believe what you can find lurking in the bowels of Medium

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It all started when I hopped on the comments section of a great story by Rebecca Stevens A. about why her black friends think she should stop writing about racism — and why she has no intention of doing so.

The article is powerful and the comments section is full of support for her valid stance.

But one commenter picked out a statement that the murder of George Floyd was race-related and chose to demand a citation.

This response elicited a few heated replies from other readers, pointing out that no citation was needed — the original commenter then also…

Why believing the “Beauty and the Beast” myth is toxic

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Too many of us are still waiting for our prince to come and rescue us, and whisk us away to his golden palace.

We have been sold a lie. A lie wrapped up in colorful princess costumes and catchy earworm tunes.

When Belle in the animated movie “Beauty and the Beast” rejects her obnoxious suitor Gaston and his fantasy of domestic bliss, her alternative is a life of isolation with a monster who needs to be educated to be able to treat her with basic human decency.

This isn’t very feminist, or good for women at all. …

Identify the problem and stop it happening in your future

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“I know you asked me not to mention it again, but I hope we have a kiss on our date.”

I had never even met this guy but already he was disrespecting my boundaries. I said I didn’t believe in kissing on a first date and I meant it. Our date was mid-pandemic so this suggestion was even more inappropriate than normal.

Note to self: Stop ignoring the early red flags!

In my last two relationships I ended up conceding to phone calls or video calls in my precious evenings. This made me feel torn between time with my kids…

If you’re trapped, you need to escape

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My smartwatch pinged insistently on my wrist, telling me to Breathe.

The butterflies in my belly reminded me I hadn’t been breathing properly all day.

I looked outside — the sun was still shining and inside I was still dying.

Have you ever sat at your desk resisting the urge to look out of the window for the millionth time, and googled How do you know when to quit your job?

I did one slow Friday afternoon a few weeks ago.

At the top of the search results, this helpful article popped up from Forbes, titled 5 Undeniable Signs It’s…

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